LiveArt 2000 has been created out of thoughts at a beach in Thailand during my work as a Diveinstructor. Liveart, the Art of live is something, which many people already have lost with hardly even take notice. How often are we under pressure and relinquish unaware a part of the joys of life. For that very reason hold on for a moment, breathe fresh air and renew your energy out of all the gorgeous moments life have prepared for you



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Not everything you see is reality, but it is nice to dream about it!
Open your spirit, let ideas flow and take the chance that they can come true
Go your way, have the courage , even if the goal you want to achieve can not be seen yet
Learn renewal from the Springtime
and brightness from the flowers in Summertime
Learn to let go from the falling leaves in Autumn
and peace from the winter
Learn from the seasons of the year that where live is there is always a new beginning ...